Cappuccino – Tube Boost

Cappuccino is a creamy tube boost with a wise tone control that sets your timbre at its best. Cappuccino is able to colour the guitar player’s choices adding the real tube dynamic and highlighting all the components of the sound both clean and distorted without changing its personality.


This is the perfect balance  between body, colour and the warmth of a real tube sound.

This pre-amp is completely different from all the marketed products. It’s a completely tube circuit without the use of any transistor or operational that can modify the tube sound. It has reduced gain, around 12 db only, and the tube is at low tension because the purpose is not to increase the output gain but to add the tube warmth only. So, it can be used together with a distortion pedal or simply on a clean sound, like in Country music, to have a present attack but with a mellow tone. Used as a transistor amp Earthtone Cappuccino acts as a 100 tube pre-amplifier.


Earthtone pedals have a great Analog Heart, built with top level components after a long resarch to match with all the guitar styles and inspiring you to create new ones.

Earthtone Cappuccino is perfect for rock, blues, jazz and all the styles that need the warmth and feeling of a real tube.

9-12 Volt

Voltage in

170 mA

Consumption @ 9V

200 mA

Consumption @ 12V


Gain Min


Gain Max

+/- 8 dB @ 5Khz

Tone High

+/- 8 dB @ 500 Hz

Tone Low


Armonic Dist. Min. @ 440 Hz


Armonic Dist. Max. @ 440 Hz

500 K

Impedence In

100 K

Impedence Out

Earthtone – Cappuccino (TUBE BOOST) by Luca Perciballi

Earthtone – Cappuccino (TUBE BOOST) by Corrado Guidi

Earthtone Cappuccino - Tube Boost

Earthtone Cappuccino (Tube Boost) - Test with distortion

Earthtone Cappuccino (Tube Boost) - clean demo