Earthone Analog Heart

We created a new generation of pedals, built with original design circuits that are not copying anything else. This is the result of a long research work, both on tube and transistor pedals and represents an evolution in the analog world tradition, both with style and versatility. We use top quality components and our effects are meant to reduce to zero all the unwanted noises and to keep dimensions and weight to the essential.

We strongly encourage you to try and adapt them to the most different situations.

Our sales policy are easy and direct, you can check our website and we ship with tracked packaging to all the countries in the world*.

The names of our effects are inspired by positive sensations, flavours or great charismatic characters that inspired us during the making.

The pedals are packed in our exclusive wood case that includes the guarantee and the CE Certifications according to European rules. The pedal’s case is a metal box, professionally painted and then with a professional serigraphy, and knobs and switches are made of metal too.

Earthtone is based in Sassuolo, Modena, Italy, in a land known worldwide for its creativity, craftsmanship, technology and research. Our products are proudly Made In Italy.

Follow our Analog Heart!

* note: Buyers are responsable for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred in their country.

Gianluca Gabrielli


Stefano Taccini

Electronic Circuits & PCB Layour, Violinist

Massimiliano Manocchia

Sales Manager

Francesco “Fry” Moneti
Gabriele Campani
Luca Perciballi
Corrado Guidi
Enrico Guerzoni

Tone Designer

Marvin Iannone

Web Design

Catia Siligardi

Graphic Design

Maurizio Borghi

Precision Laser Cutting

VGS my collection

Graphic Prints On Pedals

Carrozzeria Special

Graphic finishing and fixing

Silver 2010

Powder colors

Alessandro Bovo
Davide Padovani



Luigi Corradini

Mechanical Control & Finishing

In the Earthtone team we are united and bonded for a constant improvement.


“There’s a story that precedes the birth of Earthtone.

A story that is probably common to all the guys who meet in a garage trying to create their own music.

I was one of those teenagers who was always fascinated by technology and the possibility to connect some resistances, condensers and transistors in order to obtain the holy sound which every guitar player dreams about!

I still remember the way I would spend time with the older guys, who were experts in manipulating their instrument; one of them played bass guitar and studied electronics at school.
One day I went to him and told him secretly my greatest desire: to build an electric guitar distortion pedal!

This was in 1985, and at that time multieffect processors (Roland, Zoom) had great success and so many guitar players were attracted by these wonderful machines which offered infinite sounds.

But I wasn’t interested…

I loved the sound of those “boxes” which had made the history of Rock!
We closed ourselves in his small workshop for a week and after buying a new electronic kit we started the assembly.

While Andrea was welding, he explained to me how a transistor worked, and I was already imagining which sound would come out from that magical circuit!
I didn’t have a band yet but I was already thinking about the sound of my guitar.
I remember that for quite a long time I had to abandon the idea of listening to my “box” because I had to learn to play my instrument first, but it was always in my thoughts!!!

Two years later the big day arrived, my first concert…

And before that I had placed the pedal on the shelf of my room as a relic so that he could see it everyday!

I still remember when I opened it to insert the 9V battery because that prototype had no external power source.
The colour of the box was light blue and had a metal button and a red light when the pedal was on.

Only two controls, Volume and Gain.

When I brought it on the stage, the other guitar player opened wide his eyes and shouted : “ What is it?”

My answer was sure and confident:

“ My first distortion pedal!!!”.

Gianluca Gabrielli – founder of Earthtone

Sound as propagation of vibrations.

Sound as auditory image of emotions

Sound as expression of a way of being


Everyone feels a vibration as Positive or Negative, depending on the emotion that emerges through our senses.

Talking with many musicians we verified that the most electrifying vibration belonged to the Analog sounds.

This result surprised but also touched us because it set the tracks of our building philosophy!

Expressive freedom is a key concept and it means to keep the unique feature of the initial vibration and processing it in respect of that.