Rose – Tube Analog Echo

This tube echo is the first Earthtone step towards a psychedelic and wonderful world. Rose wants to be a real alternative to the digital pedals following the path of great effects of the past like Aiwa and Echoplex, but with its own personality; the idea was inspired by the legendary song “Mistreated” by Deep Purple, whose introduction led the path for blues rock ballads.

“A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever” John Keats


Sometimes guitar players in search for a 70s sound try to work on the natural distortion of the final valves, but that becomes a compromise when you use a common delay, because the sound after the delay loses the warmth of tube distortion. Earthtone Rose can resolve this thanks to the section piloted by the 12au7 valve.


The echo analog circuit assisted by its famous PT2399 allows the signal repetition and the control of the intervention of the tube. New sound solutions are obtained thanks to a tube amplification section that reaches up to 10db of gain

9-12 Volt

Voltage In

170 mA

Consumption @ 9V

200 mA

Consumption @ 12V


Min Gain


Max Gain

0-700 msec



Min. Harmonic Dist.  @ 440 Hz


Max. Harmonic Dist.  @ 440 Hz

150 K

Impedence In

50 K

Impedence Out

Nik plays EARTHTONE Rose + Coffee Tube

Nik plays EARTHTONE Rose + Pepper

Nik plays EARTHTONE Rose + Mamma Mia

Nik plays EARTHTONE Rose + Onda

Earthtone – Rose (TUBE ANALOG DELAY) by Corrado Guidi

Earthtone – Rose (TUBE ANALOG DELAY) by Luca Perciballi

Earthtone – Rose (TUBE ANALOG DELAY) by Francesco Moneti

Earthtone Rose - Guitar Demo

Earthtone Rose - Francesco Moneti - Test con violino

Earthtone Rose (Tube Analog Delay) - clean demo

Earthtone Rose (Tube Analog Delay) - demo with distortion