Enzo – Tube Overdrive

COD. EPS000518

Earthtone Enzo is a tube overdrive with the right character to create the warmest rock sounds. A dynamic boutique pedal full of expression and able to exalt the harmonics, thanks to an excellently regulated tube. Enzo has been designed to reach the desired sustain that allows infinite solos and infinite feedback! Ideal for rock, fusion and those slightly compressed sounds typical of the 80s, Enzo can be used in any situation that needs real tube warmth and sound. Enzo offers 50 db of pure analog power, without losing a pleasant and elegant versatility!


As all Earthtone products, Enzo is the result of a great and deep research that led to a completely newly designed circuit. Our goal is to keep on developing new products in the analog world, with tubes and transistors, mixing the great and inspiring tones of vintage instruments with today’s knowledge and  technology.



“I wanted to dedicate this pedal to a great man who represents the Italian hard working genius who built a single seat racing car completely on his own leading famous auto racing teams to incomparable standards … Today the 4GP is reality! My uncle Enzo has made it!” – Gianluca Gabrielli – founder of Earthtone

9-12 Volt

Power Supply

150 mA


@ 9V

120 mA


@ 12V

40 dB

Max Gain


Dist. Min.

@ 440 Hz


Dist. Max.

 @ 440 Hz

150 K

Inp. Impedance

1,5 M

Exit Impedance

+/-8 dB a 3.5 Khz

Tone Hight

+/-8 dB a 150 Hz

Tone Low

Earthtone - Enzo (TUBE OVERDRIVE) by Corrado Guidi

Earthtone - Enzo (TUBE OVERDRIVE) by Luca Perciballi

Earthtone Enzo - Tube Distortion

Earthtone Enzo (tube overdrive) demo with distortion

Earthtone Enzo (Tube Overdrive) clean demo

Earthtone - Enzo (TUBE OVERDRIVE) by Nik Messori