Gioia – Boost

COD. EPS000618

Earthtone Gioia is a boost with a JFET transistor with an equalization section studied in order to be adapted to the different combinations in the setup of a guitar player. This boutique pedal wants to help every musician to reach the perfect combination of tone and harmonics without taking away substance to the whole sound. With Gioia you can range from a typical sound of the seventies with hollowed lows and cutting highs to a more jazzy sound passing through all the tone features and effects that you wish.


Earthtone Gioia can be used in any position in your pedalboard always obtaining an unique transparency and cleanliness.


Gioia isn’t only a word but also an emotion! Gioia is the infinite freedom we experience when we reach the purity of desire, the right path, the perfect color, the most delicious sound that we have in our mind.

6-12 Volt

Power supply

10 mA


@ 9V

15 dB

Max Gain


Min. Dist.

@ 440 Hz


Max. Dist.

@ 440 Hz

+5/-20 dB a 5 Khz

Tone Hight

+5/-20 dB a 150 Hz

Tone Low

100 K

Input Impedance

100 K

Output Impedance

Earthtone - Gioia (BOOST) by Corrado Guidi

Earthtone - Gioia (BOOST) by Luca Perciballi

Earthtone Gioia - Boost with EQ - Boutique Pedal

Earthtone Gioia (Boost) - Demo with distortion

Earthtone Gioia (Boost) - Clean Demo