White Sky

Enriched and inspired by the artwork of Stefano Bonazzi (Stefanobonazzi.it ), White Sky is the overdrive from the Pocket tone line.

As powewrful as the forefather of the Earthtone’s distortion pedals, the “Eclisse” distorsion , this new compact experience does not leave anything to chance!

Even with White Sky we find here the Q controller , which enables you to select your preferred metal ambient!

White Sky brings every timbre to the its perfect sound definition, because it has got intuition and it’s really appropriate to the Core Stack W.S. philosophy.

By blending the three controls, we can reach the early 70’ styles , till the rich AC/DC overdrive , arriving to the most powerful heavy-metal which becomes trash-metal by turning the Q to the left!

Just a truly compact overdrive but something else altoghether than a limited one!