Casanova – Boost

COD. EPS000218

Casanova is the first of Earthone’s boost family. This boutique pedal provides an increase of 20 db in the total output gain on every frequency from 40HZ to 8000HZ. The sound is clean and rich in high and medium harmonics and works well in the loop effects input as a gain booster but also in output as a pre-amp.


Casanova was designed with a great dynamic flexibility, as all Earthtone products

Earthtone Casanova is making the guitar player free to control the increase of the input signal directly with his pick or hands. The circuit incorporates a silicon transistor NTE199 at low noise and two germanium diodes. The signal is amplified naturally without OP amp, permitting to align the total impedance to the signal chain Pre and Post the Casanova pedal. Perfect for blues and funky due to the precision in its response to the pick, Casanova can also be used in rock to “pump” the signal before an overdrive/distortion.


Another unconventional way to use Casanova is to use it to attenuate.

Rotate the volume control anticlock wise until the annulment of the signal; in this way it is possible to “fill” the channel in case of a solo and successively attenuate the signal obtaining a moderate crunch with consequent decrease of the sound. In fact Casanova has a very silent circuit thanks to the transistor NTE199.

The new series provides a microswitch for the selection of two amplification steps: 10 db – 20 db.

6-12 Volt

Power Supply

10 mA


@ 9V

25 dB

Max Gain


Harmonic Dist. Min.

. @ 440 Hz


Dist. Harmonic Max. @ 440 Hz

100 K

Input Impedance

100 K

Exit Impedance

Earthtone – Casanova (CLEAN BOOST) by Corrado Guidi

Earthtone – Casanova (CLEAN BOOST) by Luca Perciballi

Earthtone Casanova - Clean Boost

Earthtone Casanova (Boost) - demo with distortion

Earthtone Casanova (Boost) - clean demo